Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We arrived in Salisbury on Sunday afternoon and caught the bus out to Stonehenge and Old Sarum. Then we explore the charming old town until dinner time when we treated ourselves to some fusion Indian food. The next morning we set out for the Cathedral and after lunch departed for the Cotswolds. We're staying at a really cute B&B in Ebrington (just outside of Chipping Campden). We had time for a countryside walk before dinner and it was such a nice change from the big city. Today we'll spend the whole day explore a couple of villages. I may even attempt to ride a bike.

Here we are at Stonehenge. (had to see it) It was actually quite impressive. We also walked around and looked at the burial mounds. Then we went to Old Sarum which is the earlier settlement for Salisbury.

The very impressive Salisbury Cathedral. Built in the 13 cen., it's actually one of the more quickly built medieval cathedrals in that it took less than a century to finish.

Inside the cloisters.

A view from about halfway down the nave looking towards the apse.

The quire benches were decorated with various animal carvings and were a delight to look at them all.

One of these armrests is a carving of a beaver.

Here I am sitting down to some tea and cake upon our arrival at the B&B.

These are the sheep that live just at the end of the road that we can hear through our window.

Setting out for a countryside walk.

What a view!

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