Monday, July 28, 2014

Christmas in July

Well it certainly feels like Christmas is July, not based on the temperature but on my stitching. I've been busy busy!

I've finished 2 needlepoint ornaments but I can only share one. The other is a surprise.

I traced out this Hello Kitty and stitched it for mr daughter.

Last week I finished this ornament from the 2012 JCS Christmas issue. Happy Holidays by Country Cottage Needleworks.

So then I picked another ornament design on my list. Here's my start on Owliver by Jemini Designs.

And of course, progress on my Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow.

Oh! And I got a finished ornament back from Faye at Carolina Stitcher.  I just love it!
Quaker Darning Sock 2012 by Legacy Dedigns.

And look at my sweet girl, all excited about new fall clothes!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

And I'm back!

I am back to stitching, and with a vengeance! It's been a crazy week and a half.  With "summer camp" taking two weeks off around the 4th of July, my 2 1/2 year old has been home 24/7.  Needless to say...crazy house!  But during quiet time and bed time, I managed to get a lot done.

Here's a needlepoint UNC candy cane that I will taking to my local store to have finished.  Love the sparkly threads on this one.

From the 2012 JCS Christmas Ornament edition, this is a Quaker Darning Stocking by Legacy Designs.  I've mailed it off to Faye at Carolina Stitcher to finish for me. --> I can't sew :D

Here's the usual suspect, my Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings.  I finished up block 4 and started on block 5.

While going through my stash, I found this crewel kit from the Crewel Work Company by Phillipa Turnbull.  This pattern is called Secret Squirrel. I just love it.  It's part of her Elizabethan series.

And my week wouldn't be complete without cooking some delicious food.  Come on!  It's why I work out so hard.

Oven "Fried" Eggplant Parmesan - homemade pomodoro sauce, bruschetta bread salad, and gorgonzola garlic bread.

And with some gorgeous looking cod from the Shrimp Connection here in town, I made potato crusted cod, adapted from this America's Test Kitchen recipe.

And what post would be complete with out a snap of the little one.  Listen to and I quote, "her favorite song." (it's just some random classical stuff my husband put on an old iPod shuffle)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

How time flies!

I haven't posted a blog in months! I guess things just got busy. Well... I also lost my stitching mojo for a good 3 months! But it's back and with a vengeance! I am diligently working on Christmas at HRH. I also picked up and forgotten crochet blanket project. And I have reignited my love of needlepoint. So hopefully there will be many posts to come.

Block 4 of Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow

And a few personal pics to catch you guys up!

Easter 2014

Trip down to FL and her first time at the beach.

When did she get to be such a big girl? 

And yes I'm still cooking...
Oh my blueberry pie made from delicious local blueberries.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Already thinking about Easter

It's only January but I'm already thinking about Easter. Crazy right? I've got Lena's Easter dress covered. A book and Dinosaur Train figurines for some Easter goodies. And now I'm taking a break from HRH to work on a present for her.

Here's her dress.  Sweet isn't it?  I just have to decide between those colors of tights. At 2 1/2 (by Easter time), this is the last year I'll get to do super cutesy I'm sure.  Next year she have an opinion.  

My Easter project is Spring Bunny Love by Snowflower Diaries
The threads and ribbon are hand dyed and you can get them on Etsy.

Here's my progress.  So cute!  It makes me think of chocolate bunnies.  Can you tell I like sweets?

On a side note, it was a snow day here in NC (a whole 2 inches!!!)  :-P

Stay warm!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Coming along

My first block on HRH is coming right along. I should be finished with block one this week and start up block 2.

On a side note, Lena has caught the crud. Nasty cough with a fever. While home with daddy so I could run errands. she found my ort/trash box. That's what the paper sleeves are good for!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Start and finish

Just a couple quick pictures of my new start and a recent finish.  I finished Honeybee Hill by Blackbird Designs.  I am in the process of finding a round frame for it.  As pretty as the shaker box is, I don't really like to have lots of "stuff" sitting out. So I decided to frame it.

Honeybee Hill by Blackbird Designs

Just a quick snap of my start on Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings.  I am working on 40 ct linen with the NPI silks recommended. 

Stay tuned...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ahh the Holidays

We had a lovely Christmas and I hope everyone else did as well. It was great seeing family and old friends.  Christmas "Day" is super busy because we celebrate it about 4 times!  Once at our house (very low key) before we leave for FL, then at my moms, then David's grandmother's, then his parents.  Whew!  Lena opened a lot of gifts!  It was looking like a great visit until 4 am after Christmas when Lena got a stomach bug.  Yuck!  Then within 36 hours David and I both had it.  Thank goodness for the help of family during those days.  The rest of our visit was spent getting well.  :-(  Hopefully we'll be back down soon so we can actually spend more time with people.

Most of my pictures are of Lena and take place on Christmas.  Since we all got sick, the pictures basically stopped.

Here's Lena with the dinosaur puzzle I bought her (also wearing her new hoodie and new shoes).  She loves dinosaurs and at 2 yrs old can name a lot of them.

Cute Totoro mug I found on Etsy for David.  He works so hard and drinks a lot of tea to keep him going!

Stockings at my mom's house.  Lena's was almost as big as her.

Dinosaur Train!  Lena's favorite gift.  

My sister (on the left) showing off a new ring and my sister in law opening a gift.

Feeding her baby the new wooden play food her Grandpa bought her.  Great Aunt Sharon got into the fun.

"Asta, want some chicken?"  He knew something wasn't right...

Playing with her new dollhouse Grandma and Papa Lanham bought her.

Such at long day for a little girl!

As for stitching....I didn't do too much while down in FL.  But I have been very busy working on my Honeybee Hill.  It's supposed to be for a box top but I'm thinking of framing it.  I just can't think of where I'd keep a big box?

Up next...Either I start my Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House or Bunny Love by Snowflower Diaries