Friday, June 4, 2010

Edinburgh - Holyrood Park

Yesterday we arrived in Edinburgh. After checking into our Guest House, we bought some sandwiches and headed over to Holyrood Park. It's a 650 acre park with 3 lochs and Arthur's Seat (a 351 ft. climb). The crag in the center was once a volcano. Through out the park were these yellow flowering bushes that we later found out are called Gorse. If you can make it up Arthur's Seat, you are rewarded with a fantastic view of Edinburgh and on a clear day Fife.

Here's the entrance to the park that's closest to our lodgings. The crag in the middle is Arthur's Seat.

This seems to be a direct route but quite steep.

Looks daunting....

As we walked around the other side, we found another crag and a loch.

This is Gorse. The leaves look like an evergreen but towards the middle of the plant, the dead needles harden into thorns.

After walking uphill, the ascent begins. No railings mind you....


We made it! What a view overlooking the park and Edinburgh.

It just stretches on for miles.

David wanted proof that he did it too.

A treat for a job well done!

David was happy.

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