Saturday, May 29, 2010

Last Day in London

So today is our last day in London before we move on to Salisbury. After breakfast and little bit of pre-departure sorting, we headed to one place I've been wanting to see...221B Baker Street. Yes I know Sherlock Holmes is fictional but still...I love it. Apparently many of the older Sherlock movies and the British series from the 90s used this location. So I just had to see it. Then we headed to a comic shop for David to see. And then some afternoon tea. After tea we spent the whole afternoon taking in the British Museum in its entirety. We stopped briefly on our first day but we didn't do it justice.

And what did we learn today in the British Museum...they were a bunch of thieves!

There it is! 221B Baker Street.

Lovely afternoon tea in Bloomsbury at Bea's Tearoom.

The Rosetta Stone. It always has a huge crowd around it, I had to be very patient to get this picture.

Huge granite scarab sculpture.

Me next to some Persian entry gate statues.

Really cool scene from the Amazon Reliefs on the Mausoleum at Halikarnassos.

A Caryatid statue from the Erechtheum.

This is the Parthenon hall. (bunch of thieves!)

Scene of Athena and Zeus from the Elgin Marbles.

Great fragment of a horse sculpture from the pediment on the Parthenon.

This is what remains of the right side of the pediment.

Cat mummy....

Little crocodile mummy....

Cleopatra's mummy.....sheesh...there were a lot of mummies.

In the medieval Britain area, there was a great chess set from the 12th century known as the Lewis Chessmen. Here's the king.

And from a special exhibit of medieval Yorkshire items, this is a shrine fragment from the 1330s from York Cathedral.

And all by itself was this great Mayan relief of blood letting for sacrifice. Cool huh?

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