Friday, June 4, 2010

Edinburgh - The Royal Mile

Today we explored the Old Town. Starting off with the Castle, we made our way down the Royal Mile stopping off at St. Giles and the National Museum of Scotland. And not to mention a little shopping a long the way. And some libation for David.

Walking up to the entrance of the Castle. They are erecting seats for an upcoming big show in August.

Monument to William Wallace outside the castle gate.

The gate from the inside.

Inside the castle is St. Margaret's Chapel built in 1130. It's the oldest building in Edinburgh.

This arch is an original Norman design. (Cool to me at least)

No inside pictures of St. Giles (you had to pay). But John Knox, the founder of Presbyterian church spent a lot of time in St. Giles. His burial spot is in the parking lot: space 23. Sad really.

Looking down the Royal Mile towards Holyrood Palace.

Cadenhead Whiskey. They blend their own varieties from the small distilleries around the country.

A wee dram for David.

And another....He had to try them all right?

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