Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Isle of Skye: Day 1

After Inverness we drove along the lochs (saw Loch Ness, but no Nessie) and headed north towards the Isle of Skye. After making a few little stops along the way, we arrived in the village of Kyleakin. We had a great B&B, all the way down at the bottomw of the village on the edge of the loch, aptly named Cliffe House. We could see otters in the water playing, but not close enough for photos.

Here's the very picturesque castles of Eilean Donan.

This is the village of Kyleakin.

View from one of our 3 windows. There was also one on the wall to the right and one on the wall to the left.

Neat castle ruins, Castle Moil.

Gorgeous sunset from our window at 11 pm.

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