Friday, June 11, 2010

Isle of Mull & Iona

Our "last day" before taking our time heading back to Edinburgh for our flight on Friday was spent staying in Oban and visiting Mull & Iona. The two islands are accessible by ferry and Iona is passengers only, no cars. It was absolutely gorgeous!

Okay this one is for cute factor and actually was taken at Ben Nevis, I just forgot to put it in that post. How cute is the little guy!

This is the fishing village of Oban. We stayed in an old Victorian house turned B&B up on that hill.

Here is the huge ferry that runs out the Isle of Mull.

Taken from our ferry crossing.

Once on Mull we drove to the tip to take the ferry to Iona. Very secluded and small village on the island with an abbey.

Although this abbey has been "touched" up recently (19th cen), Iona is one of the oldest centers for Christianity in Great Britain.

Beautiful drive along Loch na Keal.

Me standing on the pebbled shore.

And that's it folks! The next day we had a leisurely day in Oban before driving back to Edinburgh for our flight. Hope you enjoyed the photos. We had a fantastic time and we loved sharing our favorite moments.

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  1. Welcome home! Thank you for sharing your trip with us. All the planning certainly paid off and the weather seemed to cooperate,too!