Thursday, July 9, 2009

Off and Running

What a great morning! As some of you know, I have slowly started running again. This morning I felt empowered and headed out on part of one of my old routes. We live close to 2 really nice parks: Guilford Courthouse National Military Park and Country Park. Both are really lovely and surrounded with trees. The loop in Country Park circles a largish lake filled with ducks and geese. Both parks make for a scenic running route but unfortunately they both have several tough hills to climb. But I guess wearing my new shoes and UNC running shoes gave me the strength to make it through Country Park. I'm really proud of myself. And my new shoes are awesome! I have high arches and tend to pronate; the New Balance Womens 1011 keep me in line without needing my inserts. With these new shoes I'll be up to 4 miles in no time but I'm stopping there! No more high mileage, it's just not necessary.

Anyways, check out the New Balance website they are running a pretty good sale right now. (although that's not where I got my shoes from)

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