Friday, July 24, 2009


So never fly Southwest Airlines. Ugh. What an ordeal. I happened to check our flight status yesterday around 2pm for a flight that was leaving around 625pm. It showed delayed by an hour which meant we'd miss our connection in Chicago for San Diego. So David called the airlines and sat on hold probably 15 min. before getting someone. Luckily there was another flight and it was at 415pm. People we leave at least an hour and 15 min. from the Raleigh airport, that's hoping there's no traffic or slow downs. So we scram out the door, luckily for David sake I am an organized person and I had us practically packed and ready to go. We make a mad dash for the airport, get there, go thru security, only to find out that our 415 flight is delayed to 525 and our original flight (625) is now on time. Sheesh! (and that's the clean version of my thoughts).

Now I'm waiting in line at the only customer service desk for that whole wing of Southwest Flights only to be told just to wait and they'll let everyone know about connecting flights. As it turned out, they were able to get our flight to wait for us in Chicago so that we could make it to San Diego.

So we board the plane, and b/c Southwest sucks, there's no assigned seating and David and I get separate seats. I am so lucky to get seated next to a woman and her 3 month old. And since when we finally get to Chicago we have to run to make our next flight, we get the only 2 seats available. And who gets to sit next to the ADD lap child? Me! Fun stuff. Then we find out that our flight actually doesn't go from Chicago to San Diego but that it makes a stop in Phoenix first. Yay! So after 3 hours of having a kid trying and swipe my snack, go spastic and spill my drink on me, we finally get to Phoenix and I am able to move up front to sit with David. (oh yeah, did I mention he got a front row seat and I was 2nd from the back).


Moral of the story, don't fly Southwest people. Even if the tickets are free b/c you used someone's sky miles. Seriously! Who doesn't do seat assignments!

Now David has been up since crack o' dawn like a kid at Christmas so we're off to Geek-fest 2009.

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