Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dinner Tonight 7/12/09

Easy Chicken Enchiladas
So this is super easy...I mean easy. Take some shredded cooked chicken and combine it with taco seasoning and salsa in a skillet. Let it cook for a little bit so the chicken gets all tasty. Then I add a spoonful or two of light cream cheese to the chicken mixture. This will make the enchilada filling creamy and delicious. Next I put the chicken mixture into 8 grain tortillas and roll then up. Then neatly arrange your roll-ups in a baking dish. Usually I top them with enchilada sauce but tonight we used this tasty Colorado Simmering Sauce from Williams-Sonoma. It's a smoky mole sauce that added a bit of zing to our enchiladas. And finally I sprinkled shredded cheese (50% Cabot Cheddar) on top of the sauce. Voile!

That rice is just Spanish rice that I added some corn to during the last 10 minutes of cooking. And the drink...well..felt kind of inspired so that's a white Sangria Spritzer that I made up. White wine, peaches, a couple of frozen cherries (from my farm picked stash) and ginger ale.

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