Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend in the Mountains

For the past 3 years David and I have gone up to Roan Mountain to see the Rhododendron in bloom. This year was a little bit different in that we spent Friday night at the Mast Farm Inn. I love that place! Danielle and Sandra (sisters and the innkeepers) truly treat you like someone special. Dinner Friday night was fantastic, only to be followed up with an amazing breakfast. The next day we reluctantly left the inn and headed up to Roan Mountain to see the blooms. Although they weren't at their peak, the flowers were still very beautiful. And then Sunday we hiked at Crabtree Falls. With all the rain this year so far, the falls were spectacular.

Every now and then I get a little dressed up, nothing too fancy mind you. Here I am at dinner Friday night.

Dinner: fillet mignon wrapped in puff pastry, potatoes au gratin and sauteed green beans with sesame seeds. I cleaned my plate!

For dessert: apple tart with homemade vanilla ice cream.

It was a little foggy on our way up to the pinnacle at Roan Mountain but it made for neat pictures.

And here are some of the actual Rhododendron gardens on top of Roan Mountain.

So the hike to Crabtree Falls has a 2 mile loop marked strenuous, so yeah um...that patch of dirt is the trail and the stone border marks the edge of a drop-off.

Saw this guy along the way to the falls...

Lots of rain meant lots of mushrooms.

And lots of rain meant the falls looked spectacular!

And here we are in front of the falls. Please excuse the hat it's lame I know but I'm paranoid about bugs and ticks in my hair.


  1. oh wow...i would actually eat that dinner!

  2. Looks like you guys had so much fun!