Monday, June 8, 2009

Nanzenji Temple & Heian Shrine

Well we slept in a little today. Someone had a bit much to drink last night (not me) plus we will be getting up super early tomorrow to make our flight to Tokyo in order to begin our journey home, so we got a late start today.  We took in the very scenic and large Nanzenji Temple complex with has several temples, shrines and gardens.  Then we visited the Traditional Craft Museum in which they displayed many of the traditional arts and crafts of Kyoto along with video clips documenting some the artisans.  After that we headed to the Heian Shrine which was huge and bright orange!  It also had a lovely garden.  Then we finished up some last minute souvenir shopping and grabbed some dinner.  We are almost packed up for our journey home.  We have had a great time here but it will be nice to be home again.

Here's a lovely natural style zen garden up at the Nanzenji Temple area.

These guys were so cute! All piled up on one rock!

There appeared to be an aqueduct on the site but the sign was in Japanese.  We still took pictures though.

Gate to the Heian Shrine.  Honestly sometimes the gates are more impressive than the buildings that hold the shrines.

Beautiful irises and water lilies in one of the ponds at the temple.

Me on the stepping stones that cross the pond.

View from across the pond looking at the wooden bridge that takes you back to the temple site.

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