Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kyoto Morning

So while reviewing the dozens and dozens of photos that we took today (we both have been constantly snapping photos this whole trip), I realized that I haven't posted too many of our "artsy" shots.  We love looking and finding all the little cool and sometimes often passed over details at the popular spots.  Today we visited more shrines and a palace (I'm too tired to look up their names right now).  But also this post isn't about what major building we saw.  Take a closer look at Japanese architecture, horticulture and design.  Enjoy!

Base of an incense burner.

Roof tile detail.

Garden of a shogun.

Man and Nature in harmony.

Straw Roof

Detail of a random shrub.

Immense variety in plants.

More Roof Tiles

Zen Garden

Lantern Detail cheese shot.

Here we are at the Golden Pavilion.

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