Sunday, August 30, 2009

Current Project

And because I am always crocheting something, I thought I'd post about my current project. It's actually something for me and not a secret present so I can put it up for all to see. I'm just in the beginning stages but I am working on a Christmas Tree Skirt. Right now I'm doing lots of green hexagons. Fun huh? They are easy and I can do then while chatting with David. Or listening to pod casts.

So here is Stage 1: Make green hexagons. I am using the Lion Brand Holiday Homespun in Wreath like the pattern suggests. It's a nice evergreen shade of green with little tinsel like threads spun through it. I currently have 9 done with 11 more to go! Then on to the next color.

Not the most artistic of pictures, I have them set out to "block" aka shape them.

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