Friday, May 8, 2009

On the road again...

Well all the papers are in. Had some celebratory Mexican w/ my pal Erin.  Now it's off to Florida.

Mother's Day weekend..wahoo  Getting pumped. Do I sound excited? Just kidding. I love my family. It's just the stress of it.  Two families in the same town makes me want to scream sometimes.  But I love them! Cuz I haave to. Just kidding again. Love you guys.

So I've totally procrastinated the day away. I got hooked on this British show Green Wing.  Man it's amazing how much time you can waste when you actually have time on your hands.

Anyways! Have a lovely Mother's Day everyone. Happy first Mum's Day to Natalie.

I'll be back on Monday w/ hopefully some pictures to share of the frenzy (oops) I mean good times! to share.

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