Saturday, May 2, 2009

Attempting to Camp...

While I was diligently working on my research (I now know way too much about Dutch Cartography and the VOC), David went over to the McNiff's for Derby Day. Man! I missed it! But good news, he got my camera back.  So here are some belated pictures of our attempt to camp Easter weekend when the weather did not cooperate.

Yes...that's David drinking and chopping. Tsk tsk...

Me riding a bike...that was frightening!

Waiting on dinner.

Hamburgers!  I hadn't had one since over the Holidays back in Jax @ 5 Guys.

Zoning Out....

The lovely weather Saturday morning, not to mention it's in the 20s.

I haven't given up on camping but maybe I'll wait until it's a little bit warmer. Early spring in the Shenandoahs isn't that warm.

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