Friday, May 29, 2009


Well it was another rainy day here in Tokyo.  But we still made the best of it.  We set out for the Harajuku neighborhood this morning.  Harajuku is known for two things, the Meiji Jingu Shrine and shopping.  Lot's of shopping!  From second hand American clothing to high end stores.  After a delicious lunch of the best gyoza I've ever had. (I mean it's all this place makes besides a couple of simple sides).  After lunch we explored around the "Times Square" area some more.  Then we had a huge dinner of Shabu-Shabu (essentially Japanese style fondue) and David is now passed out for the evening. :-D

This is the courtyard to the shrine.  Out of respect you cannot stand in the middle and take photos. 

Located in the courtyard, you can pay to have prayers and blessings offered.

This a view of the pedestrian street Takeshita Dori that's lined with shops of all sorts.  Super crowded and umbrellas made it complicated. 

Watch those elevator doors!!  We saw this in the La Foret department store.

OMG! Best dumplings ever! Nothing else to say. There are 2 kinds: original pork and pork w/ chives & garlic. Then the option for steamed or pan fried.

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  1. yum. the dumplings look awesome. bring some back ok?