Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend in Boone (part 1)

Now that school is just about over with and all the hard work is done, David and I took a weekend off and headed for the mountains.

So we headed for our favorite place, The Mast Farm Inn, where we were treated like royalty. The owners treat us like family and the food is top notch!

Last year the Inn started keeping rabbits. I just love petting them.

This little guy just loved attention and would press his face against the cage to get you to pet him. Just like a dog.

Saturday morning after breakfast we headed out for some hiking. First we hit the easier trek, waterfalls.

Aren't these lovely, they are just behind an Episcopal Church in Valle Crucis.

We kept seeing these flowers along the trail, not sure what they are.

And these were almost like wild pansies.

Sunday before we left, we were invited by a friend (or maybe I invited us?) to go see the baby cows on her farm. Oh my they are soooo cute!

This little guy was a week old. Check out the eye lashes!

And he says, "I'm not too sure about you..."

This little cutie would slowly inch his way up until you noticed him. Then scamper off.

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