Sunday, February 28, 2010

Busy day followed up by a delicious dinner

Where has the weekend gone? So busy today...ran this afternoon 4.2 miles which is my longest run after my year long hiatus. Then while reading/skimming through 2 books for my comps I worked on dinner. My version of Italian Stuffed Shells takes quite a while to put together but the end result is delicious. Spinach, ground meat, sauteed onions and mushrooms mixed together with some cream cheese, Parmesan cheese and a couple of eggs to bind it all together. So tasty! Plus I've found a trick to cooking the large shell pasta while keeping them intact. I use low fat cream cheese and only have of the usual ground meat, I substitute mushrooms for the other portion of meat. So all in all, not too bad for you. Don't forget about the spinach!

I tried cutting one in half to show the filling but I'm not sure the picture does it justice.

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