Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So many recipes...so little time.

So as many of you know, I try out at least 1-2 new recipes a week. It keeps things new and interesting for dinners. Plus it keeps me on my toes as far as cooking and techniques. So what I'm posting tonight, I actually made a while back. But I get busy with my projects and it takes David awhile to upload the photos for me. But here's something called Swiss Steak. It's made with a Top Blade Roast (which was impossible to find, I had to track down an actual butcher shop so that was handy in the end) and tomato gravy. The roast is cut up into steaks and slow cooked in a dutch oven over low heat. The meat just falls apart people! I hardly ever eat red meat but I found this delicious. I made some low fat mashed potatoes and a skillet green bean casserole that doesn't involve a can of soup. All thanks to America's Test Kitchen of course!

Mouth watering good!

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