Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meet Asta

Well...I finally got my wish and we adopted a dog!

Meet Asta.

We got Asta from a local rescue here in Greensboro a couple of weeks ago. The rescue is actually for Jack Russell Terriers but the lady could not resist when she first saw "Tiger" (yes that was his name). He was in a shelter down in Greenville, SC in what they call their "last chance room". Sad huh? She couldn't just leave him there, so she took him back to her rescue despite the fact that he's some sort of Schnauzer mix. The shelter said he's about 3 years old and his previous owner had passed away. (heart breaking I know).

He's very good inside and house trained. Not usually an early riser, so I can even sneak out for my morning runs without him wanting to go out too. Although normally very quiet, he does let out the occasional bark but nothing constant. Outside on the leash is another story, he's not quite leash trained but we're working on that. We bought the Gentle Leader collar/harness and it really helps train him outside. And I learned today that he growls at the UPS truck. What did "Brown" do to him?

He's the sweetest little thing, who's had a rough life and deserves the loving home that we can offer him.

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  1. Oh he is just adorable! We will have to have a play date because Finley just loves dogs! And what is wrong with the name Tiger?