Friday, October 16, 2009

Comfort Food

It's been cold and rainy here the past couple of days and it made me crave a dish that my mom made in the winter time when I was growing up. White Lima Soup has to be the easiest soup to make that doesn't come out of the can. Buy a bag of the dried large lima beans. Rinse them and soak them in warm water for about 2 hours or so. When that's done, take a large pot and add ham bits (I don't know exactly what they're called people! It's a pack of chopped/diced ham bits), the beans and cover them with water and some chicken stock. Bring it to a boil and then let it simmer for another 1-2 hours until the beans are tender but not mush! Add some S&P and call it a meal! For a little more protein I brown up some turkey Kielbasa sausage. And to make it extra comfort food, I make corn bread muffins. And yes I'm talking the 5o cent Jiffy box mix of corn bread muffins. It's the simple things in life people!


  1. it's really delicious if you use great northern beans too- that's the way i do it! ham and beans is delish!

  2. My mom does it with Northern Beans too. And sometimes adds corn. Tasty!