Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gardening I know what you are thinking. 1. Kim can't garden, she can't remember what she did yesterday nevermind keeping up with watering plants. 2. Doesn't she live in an apartment?

Yes those things are true. Yes I am notorious about remembering plants. But I am really gonna try. I will have time on my hands this summer (except for the traveling, let's hope I can rely on the crazy neighbor for some help) so I figured I'd try again with plants.  

There will be many installments to my showcase of gardening "skills". Yeah I got skillz.

Here's installment #1


Here I have what they term "loose leaf" lettuces.  I bought them as little plants (not much smaller than what you see here).  And you can grow them in containers.  The really cool thing about these guys is that you just trim off around the exterior what you want to eat.  As long as the head is intact, they will continue to grow.  It's like the food supply that won't quit. At least until it gets hot.  That being said, I'm not sure how well these would do down in FL.  You probably only have like a good month left before it will be too hot.  But you could try.

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