Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First day and a small finish

Today was Lena's first day of "school."  She's going to local church weekday school 2 days a week from 9-1.  I was a little concerned for her teacher because Lena is used to just us taking care of her and cries when other people hold her.  But she didn't cry at all and she'll go again tomorrow.  Yay!  Tomorrow is music and colors.  How fun!

Here David is bringing her into the "Creepers" room.  So cute.

I had to drop off some paperwork, so I was able to sneak a peek on my way back out.  Miss Teressa already had her down on the floor playing with toys.

When I came to pick her up at 1pm, she was investigating all the toys on the shelf.

 And here's my little finish.  My local EGA is doing a project where we had to stitch a top to a small oval box.  We will put it together at our meeting this week.  I am excited to learn some finishing skills.  As of right now, I send everything out. :-P

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I made the deadline with time to spare

This year I have finished stitching 3 Sampler Christmas Stockings by Mary Beale.  I am ahead of the October 1 deadline at my local shop for getting them finished.  So this week David and I will scout out some pretty fabrics.  I am really pleased with how they have turned out.  Next year I will work on the 4th stocking for my dog Asta. :-D

Here's the latest one.  It's David's.

David chose this stocking because of the lion.  

This is Lena's stocking, I thought the scripture was appropriate for a baby's stocking.

And a nice detail for the figures and flowers.

Now for mine.  I chose mine because it was most like a band sampler.

Tah Dah!  Here's all three.  Aren't they pretty!

Friday, September 14, 2012


We just got back from Portland. Preparing for this trip, I was sooo full of anxiety.  But we survived the flight, it was like wrangling an octopus for 7+ hours.

I thought I'd post a few pictures.  We didn't have a lot of pictures, David was busy setting up his show and I was busy with Lena.

Setting up the gallery

And here's everything up on the walls

Cute pic of Lena playing with a new toy.

Lena's first beach trip.  It was a bit windy and chilly.

Here's Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach.  You might recognize it from the movie, The Goonies.

Now it's the film museum, but this is the jail from Goonies.

The Goonies house!  So neat.

We visited the Peter Iredale ship wreck.

Voodoo Donuts has crazy donut flavors.


Lastly, a few of our meals.
This was a tapas place called Navarre.

 Brunch in Cannon Beach.

 Authentic empanada at Pambiche.

 ****On a side note, I will be finishing stitching David's stocking this weekend and I will post pictures.