Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Quick Updates

Just a quick update b/c I'm so excited to have my Bent Creek piece done.  These are just some quick snaps with my phone.

So here's the second piece of Bent Creek's The BurROW.  I'll get these framed up and put in Lena's room.  That will make 4 pieces in her room.  Hm..poor kid, hope she likes them when she gets older.

Last week I dropped Lena's birth sampler off at my framer's.  We went with the frame on the right-hand side.  This is going to be so pretty when it's done! 

And just a few pics of the baby.
Yesterday I was so proud of her first long nap in her crib.  (we are transitioning from the swing to the crib) 

The excitement was short lived when we realized she was sick and had a 102.2 fever.  Poor baby.  So cute when she doesn't feel well.  I couldn't help but love that she just wanted to be held and cuddled.  She's never been a "rock to sleep" baby.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Yay!  I started Happy Christmas by Carolina House back at the end of February.  It feels like this one has taken forever.  But I've worked on other projects alongside this one.  Plus raising my now 8 1/2 month old, who is now teething again.  Gosh...guess I should just be glad I had time to finish it period.

Tah dah!

I wonder what I should work on next?