Monday, January 31, 2011

Our "new" Old House

We did it! Took the plunge and bought a house. It's a brick house built in 1935 with lots charming little details.

David took these with his iPhone yesterday so that you can see it how it looks empty.

Excuse the dead and barren look...we actually have a winter up here in NC.

This is the Living Room with a really neat fireplace. I love the mantle.

Across from the Living Room, with it's cool arched doorway, is the Dining Room.

Here's looking out of the Living Room towards the Dining Room.

Walk through the dining room and you get to the kitchen. Off the kitchen is the Breakfast Nook with it's little arched doorway too. Love it!

Down the hall from the Kitchen is the downstairs Bathroom.
Next to that is David's office, which is full of boxes, so no pic I guess.
Upstairs we have 2 Bedrooms and a Full Bath.

Here's the large Bedroom. Not too keen on the color...gonna fix that.

Here's another view of that room.

This is the Second Bedroom upstairs. Nice sized with a large closet.

And the upstairs Bathroom.

Also not included in these pictures are the fenced in backyard and lovely (sarcastic tone) basement.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas 2010

This Christmas we had a really nice visit home. The stress level was lower than usual. I think separating the holiday out to 2 days really made the difference. I was a little sad that we missed the Christmas snow in NC though.

David took some great pictures.

Here we are with David's sister and her boyfriend.

I thought this was a great pic! David's second cousin? (his cousin's son)

Even though it's cut off...I love this picture!

Yeah..I'm married to him.

I really like this photo for some little brother looks so grown up!

Here we are in St. Augustine with all the lights.