Monday, November 15, 2010

Anniversary Weekend

I've been really lazy about posting lately. Sorry about that. October 27th marked our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. To celebrate, we went back up to the Mast Farm Inn for a long weekend. We had gorgeous weather and the Deschamps family treats us like royalty. Since it was three nights away, we had to board Asta. We decided to pick a vet up in the mountains so we could have "visitation". The Blue Ridge Veterinary Clinic was great! They let him play outside in the fenced in yard, I think he got spoiled. It was a wonderful getaway, David works so hard he really needed some time away.

Here we are hiking at the Hebron Rocks. It's Asta's first hike!

Since it was Halloween weekend, we hit up the Candy Barrel at the Mast General Store.

David found a Woolly Worm (I had never seen one before).

This is Price Lake. Gorgeous!

They have an active Beaver population, although I never saw one!