Monday, September 8, 2014

Back to school

Hard to believe it's September, but I am so ready for fall.

The weekday school my daughter attends started back last week. She will be in the 2yr old room, (almost 3 but her fall birthday falls short of the cut off)

Here's my sweet girl.

As if that wasn't busy enough, I have been working really hard on my stitching.I finished block 6 of my Hawk Run Hollow, but then set it down to focus on some Halloween pieces.

So these guys are from various issues of Just Cross-Stitch and designed by SamSarah. I just love them! I've completed three and I hope to do three more. Aren't they fun?

Last but certainly not least, my latest painted canvas stitching. Queen Elizabeth I by Designs by Petei. There's a slight boo-boo in my stitching but I don't want to pull it out and it's not too noticeable.


  1. That Queen Elizabeth is awesome!

  2. Love your stitching! Your sweet girl is getting so big! Hope she is enjoying being back in school!