Thursday, July 3, 2014

How time flies!

I haven't posted a blog in months! I guess things just got busy. Well... I also lost my stitching mojo for a good 3 months! But it's back and with a vengeance! I am diligently working on Christmas at HRH. I also picked up and forgotten crochet blanket project. And I have reignited my love of needlepoint. So hopefully there will be many posts to come.

Block 4 of Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow

And a few personal pics to catch you guys up!

Easter 2014

Trip down to FL and her first time at the beach.

When did she get to be such a big girl? 

And yes I'm still cooking...
Oh my blueberry pie made from delicious local blueberries.


  1. She has gotten so big! Did she just shoot up or something? And she's still a cutie too! Love your HRH WIP -- beautiful! Glad to see a post from you -- I was just wondering about you and here you are!

  2. I LOVE lena's two little buns!

  3. What a fabulous family picture. :)