Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Already thinking about Easter

It's only January but I'm already thinking about Easter. Crazy right? I've got Lena's Easter dress covered. A book and Dinosaur Train figurines for some Easter goodies. And now I'm taking a break from HRH to work on a present for her.

Here's her dress.  Sweet isn't it?  I just have to decide between those colors of tights. At 2 1/2 (by Easter time), this is the last year I'll get to do super cutesy I'm sure.  Next year she have an opinion.  

My Easter project is Spring Bunny Love by Snowflower Diaries
The threads and ribbon are hand dyed and you can get them on Etsy.

Here's my progress.  So cute!  It makes me think of chocolate bunnies.  Can you tell I like sweets?

On a side note, it was a snow day here in NC (a whole 2 inches!!!)  :-P

Stay warm!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love Lena's hat! So cute! Love her Easter outfit too! And your Easter stitching is adorable too!

  2. Sweet Easter outfit and Easter stitching. That kit looks lovely.

  3. Awesome, little Easter outfit for Lena. Love the picture of her in the snow too.

  4. Love her cute little hat! And what about valentine's day?! Don't skip that holiday now!