Monday, August 26, 2013

Getting spooky...

It's nearing the end of August and things are getting spooky in our house.

My Olde Burial Ground block of Village of Hawk Run Hollow (Carriage House Samplings) is really taking shape.

And a crazy "roaring" monster was spotted at our house.  Yikes!!

-Isn't that the cutest costume?!?  Last year we dressed her in what we wanted, an owl.  This year I tried to think up what she would like to be.  She loves my husband's monster figurines and says "roar" so I think this is perfect!

And now time for gratuitous baby pictures...
Boxes make great toys

Hiking in the park

Look at my handsome boy!


  1. Great stitching progress! I love the costume, it reminds me of the Mosey & Me ornament from last year's Halloween issue. I think you are definitely feeling "fall."

  2. Your burial ground is looking good! Love that costume -- so adorable! Love seeing all the pics of your adorable daughter and handsome pup!

  3. That costume is the best! Such a cutie!

  4. Great stitching but I can't stop looking at that adorable monster! Too cute. What is that gorgeous yellow behind Asta?