Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Slowly Getting Better

It's been a long past couple of weeks. First Lena was sick and now me. I think I'm slowly getting better, hopefully I'll feel well enough for Valentine's Day this week and my birthday next week.

You wouldn't guess Lena was sick...she was so excited to be on Asta's side of the couch while I washed his bedding.  She thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Cup o' Joe?  Don't worry...it's empty.  She just wanted to be big like mommy & daddy.

My progress on Block 6 of Village of HRH.

Look at that, almost halfway finished!


  1. She is growing up so fast! Look at all that hair! Glad to hear you guys are on the mend. Hope to see you this week!

  2. I sure hope you're better in time for Valentine's Day and your birthday! Lena is so cute! So adorable! Love your HRH progress!

  3. Your daughter is so photogenic. Her smile must light up your life and heart.

  4. So glad that you are feeling better.
    She is such a sweetie!

  5. I just love those photos of Lena! Great progress on your HRH piece. It was great to see you Saturday.

  6. Your daughter is just too cute. How can you not smile when you get that smile beamed at you?! :) Nice progress on your HRH!