Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snow Day!

North Carolina finally had a snow day!The little one didn't like going outside while it was snowing, but with some help from daddy she managed to crunch around a little. 

She's holding a little bit of snow, not quite sure what to think.

I am happy to say that I finished Feast of Friendship this past Saturday.  I started this piece as an "easy" project to take down to FL during the holidays. It took me a little longer than I thought, I blame the big blue house (it was my white whale).

But the beautiful colors made it all worth while.  There's something about Blackbird Designs....I've already purchased Violet's Blue.  :-P

And I picked up my Hawk Run Hollow again.  There was something very comforting about starting up again.  Like being with an old friend.  

And my teeny tiny progress on my SL ABCD 1851

Thanks for stopping by and a big welcome to a few new followers.  :D


  1. aww. So sweet, her first snow. =) Beautiful stitching.

  2. Hi there! I'm a new follower :) Discovered you through the Tot Hill Farm Stitches Blog!

    I think your little one looks so adorable in the snow. I'm afraid we have so much snow where I live that she'd probably be gobbled up by it haha.

    Love your stitching - so sweet!



  3. Oh so cute! I hope the first snow was fun for your daughter! I love that BBD finish!!! Oh my! So beautiful! Love your Hawk Run Hollow and SL pieces too!

  4. Oh my gosh get a coat on that baby! I feel cold just looking at her!

  5. Oh my, she does not look happy at all. LOL Feast of Friendship looks fabulous! That is such a pretty piece.

  6. I adore the photo of your daughter's first snow experience. We rarely get snow in our little part of Cornwall but even we got a little bit. I love all your stitching, the colours in FOF are so rich and warm, beautiful.

  7. Gorgeous stitching!!!! I need to get focused on mine!

  8. Awww, how fun for your daughter to experience her first snow--even if she wasn't so sure about it! LOL Love your BBD finish! Aren't they such fun? They're like candy, you can't stop at one. Nice progress on your HRH piece, too.

  9. Beautiful stitching. Your baby girl is so adorable. Enjoy these moments. They go so fast.