Monday, November 26, 2012


Oh man!  ABC Stitch Therapy has 20% off their whole site and it ends today!  This is so tempting because a lot of online stores have "sales" but they don't always put everything on sale.  I have been obsessing over the Sampler of Stitches by Drawn Thread.  I might go for it at 20% off.

And speaking of temptations.  I received the whole kit and caboodle to start BBD's Feast of Friendship.  How pretty are these colors!!!

Can I bring myself to take a break on VoHRH?  I feel sort of compelled to concentrate on it and only it (weird huh?).


  1. Oh so pretty!!! I say go for it! And go for that sale too! :D

  2. The colours of the threads are stunning. What's a little more stash, go for it.

  3. oooh! aaahhh!
    I think you should stitck with the other project since you have such great momentum going :)

  4. I've had my eye on Feast of Friendship--the colors are beautiful! I've also been thinking of starting a HRH, of course. That's all I need, more WIPs!

  5. Oh golly....that's a hard one, taking a break usually results in me never going back. So good luck to you on that decision!