Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting better

I can't believe the Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone.  Seems too quick!  Not to mention the fact that we were all sick.  :(

Still our little household has been spending quality time together and enjoying the time off from work.

Look at my pretty Christmas Cactus, it's full of blooms!

Oh course I have to share some food pictures.  I am so proud of my turkey!  I do not really care for turkey and have never roasted one.  So when it came to the task, I turned to Cooks Country for the recipe.  I chose one using the technique called barding.  It involves covering the turkey in salt pork, a technique going back to the turn of the century.

Looks like bacon but I promise, it's salt pork.

Tah Dah!

Feast for three, not the prettiest of table set ups.  I did my best considering being so sick. 

David's plate.  Both he and my neighbor remarked it was the most tender and moist turkey they'd ever had.

Speaking of turkeys...this smiley girl doesn't look sick.

And my progress on Hawk Run Hollow.  I have finished Block 3 and now on to 4.

 And with everyone being sick, we have empty Kleenex boxes.


  1. Awwww, such a little cutie! She seems so cheerful despite being sick! Sorry you were all sick for the holiday. Such a bummer! But the food looks delicious - never heard of the salt pork thing before -- sounds so delicious! Your HRH piece looks great!

  2. Hello

    I am so very pleased that you will be following my Scarlet Letter Year. It will be such fun, besides the prizes at the end there will be regular surprise prizes along the way too. In January there will be a SL chart giveaway, one of my favourites!!! December's draw is up on the blog.

    The group blog has been designed by Jo

    If you decide to join in you can start at any time.

    This is all about having some fun and sharing our love and joy of stitching beautiful samplers and making new friends along the way.

    It is not a competition and our samplers will not be judged just shared.

    With much love

    Nicola xx

  3. Sorry you've been sick. But it looks like you had a great meal all the same. I am about to start stitching on your prize... as soon as I can drag myself away from the computer!

    1. Yay a prize! I keep forgetting about it, so when it does it here it will be a surprise.

  4. So glad that you are feeling better Kim!
    Your turkey looks wonderful. I have never cooked a turkey, it is one of those things that I guess I should conquer.
    HoHRH looks amazing.
    Have a great week!