Thursday, March 15, 2012

My first baby

While looking for an old picture of Lena from this fall I just fell in love with all my pictures of Asta. I had to share.

For those of you who don't know. Asta was my graduation present for grad school (someone got off easy..ahem). He is named Asta for the dog in my favorite series of movies, The Thin Man. He was about 3 when we adopted him so this summer he will be 5.

Most importantly..I love him to bits!

Enjoy some photos.

Here we are on the car ride home.

When Asta gets scared, he hides under the bed.

His first toy.

Chewing on a pumpkin stem his first Halloween.

His first pig's ear treat.

First trip up to the mountains.

Aw...Santa hat a Christmas.

And the Grinch antler I made.

Cool hairdo David gave him.

Looking handsome on an autumn day.

Mulberries stain..lesson learned.

His biggest obsession...the neighborhood rabbits.

Thinking the baby bump was his personal perch.

Reminding me he's still adorable.

"this is for me right?"

He's my dog but he pines for David when he leaves for work.

All tuckered out after a nice long walk.

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