Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stitching Update

Since stitching is my stress relief, I've been cramming in as much stitching time as I can. (I need all the relief I can get :-P) So I've pulled way too many late nights while Lena is sleeping but I've been a stitching machine!

I finally finished Birds of a Feather by With Thy Needle and Thread. I started this before Lena was born and just felt so compelled to finish it. So once Lena started napping more (thanks to liking the swing) I was able to make real progress.

And a progress picture of my current project:
This is my Sampler Christmas Stocking by Mary Beale. I had been looking for stockings for a long time and I finally found some. I love these...they are a sampler and a Christmas Stocking all in one! There will be three more to come. (hey!...don't get any ideas for David, Lena and Asta)

It's so great...I am so fired up about stitching after a lull the month before the baby was born. I'm taking full advantage of my enthusiasm.

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