Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

Wow...Christmas feels like a blur! We ended up making the trip down to Florida. The drive was too bad at all. We were pleasantly surprised with how good Lena did on the trip down and back home. But the time there...sheesh! Too much going on makes for a cranky baby! But she got to meet all her family members. And a few lucky ones got to hold her while she wasn't eating or crying. That being said...not too many pictures but I have a few cute ones.

Look at my adorable girl!

Relaxing in her new glider Nanna bought her and smiling at Mommy.

Asta or should I say...Rasta!

Our little family.

Okay..I'm not gonna lie, this was taken Tuesday night. She slept through Christmas at my mom's house so we never got a picture. :-P

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  1. I love that family picture in front of the tree! Glad she did so well in the car!