Monday, June 27, 2011

Garden is Growing!

So wow! What a learning many plants have just taken off! My dahlias, tomatoes and squash are out of control! We are getting lots of cherry tomatoes and some squash. My first round of yukon gold potatoes are now done and we're growing a second set.

So here it is a little bit of out of control...

Then we put the tomato plants in metal cages and it has really helped.

Voila! Look how tamed they are!

These are a couple of my heirloom tomatoes..when will they start to turn color? No clue.

I have 4 baby eggplants. Yum!

My blue lake green beans are starting off...look at the little beans...

This is my jungle..I mean squash patch. I have 3 types planted.

Got the camera down past the foliage to see the little squash growing. They are tasty!

My two blackberry vines thanks to the McNiffs. I had some green berries going...but David weed wacked berries now but I have hope.

And my cedar planter boxes now have lovely petunias and ornamental sweet potato vines growing in them.

And my rabbit chaser..he tries his best.