Friday, May 27, 2011

First Garden

With the new house comes my first garden. Our backyard isn't huge but I'm taking advantage of every little space. I have a few more plans but I have the majority of things planted. A few seedlings are quite ready to be transferred. And I've yet to plant my okra seeds..I hope it's not too late. And I might do a pretty little wild flower area with some daisy seedlings and some poppy seeds (yet to plant).

This is my little space next to the back porch. I have dahlias planted along the back, then 2 poblano peppers, tomatoes, 2 eggplants and some herbs up front.

This is my first dahlia I have 3 buds about to open. I started these guys from tubers earlier this spring.

Cherry tomato plant.

Baby poblano pepper.

Here's my lettuce, I have it off the ground because we have a rabbit problem.

Next to my basement stairs I have gladiolas (from bulbs) and green bean seedlings behind them.

Here's a green bean seedling after just 1 week. I bought the blue lake variety.

I also planted yukon gold potato tubers earlier this spring. I think they are about done.

Here's my squash plot. :-D I started these off from seeds. There's zucchini, mediterranean squash and yellow squash.\

I started my chocolate mint coleus from seeds, they aren't quite big enough to put out in the yard yet.

And my autumn frill pansies. I haven't decided where to put these yet. I love them, started from's the only way to keep this type.

I have high hopes for my plants. As long as they make it through the 2 weeks we're in San Francisco.

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  1. Wow. Your garden is doing awesome! And i love the way you have your lettuce hanging. that is a great idea!