Saturday, April 9, 2011

Holy Cinnamon Roll Heaven

These cinnamon rolls alone make the stand mixer well worth it! I am a huge fan of sweet breakfast foods. The recipe is not hard, just time consuming because they have to rise twice.

Go mixer! Go!

Dough before the 2 hour rise.

After 2 hours..definitely doubled in size.

My first time rolling out dough.

Sprinkling on the filling..Mmmm...

These are gonna be huge..that roll makes 8 rolls.

I was a little concerned at this stage, my kitchen was warm and the dough was very soft.

But they turned out great! Look at those beauties!

Adding the cream cheese glaze.

Tah dah! And this is the smallest one. :-P

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  1. Those look amazing! Can you send me the recipe? Would love to try those out some day.